American eBuilder FAQ'sI currently give a one year warranty. Why should I extend it to 10 years?

This is an added benefit for your homebuyers to have peace of mind that Warranted Structural Components (WSC) are covered for 10 years. It protects you from risks associated with implied warranty laws.

How can I get a warranty to take to closing today if I forgot to enroll the home when I started building?

Unlike many warranty programs, you do not have to do any paperwork when you begin construction of a home. With American eBuilder, we provide a warranty that can be customized, printed in our office and taken to a closing today.

If I’m a member of American eBuilder, what do I have to do to obtain warranties for remodeling projects?

Membership in American eBuilder automatically enrolls you in the Remodelers Warranty Program.

Why should I change to American eBuilder when I like the warranty program I am using now?

American eBuilder gives you a customizable warranty program with less paperwork and a faster turnaround. Savings can often amount to 20% under current warranty costs.

Will the Warranty give my homebuyers ideas about where to look for problems?

The written warranty can help limit problems because you are providing protection which includes specific industry standards. On our homeowner warranty site, we also provide tips on home maintenance which can help mitigate issues before they start.

What does the warranty do for me in the 1st year that I don’t already do?

Under implied warranty standards, you may be giving an “unlimited” first year warranty instead of a written limited warranty with specific terms, conditions and standards. The written warranty clarifies the standards and provides the opportunity for a 3rd party arbitration if there is a breakdown in communication between you and the homeowner.