Why American eBuilder?

Put Your Mind at Ease with the Home Warranty Industry Professionals Rely On

In Harrisburg, as well as all across Pennsylvania and nationwide, American eBuilder provides a variety of structural home warranties specifically suitable to new home construction, remodeling, renovations and additions. American eBuilder makes securing third-party limited warranties simple and fast, making marketing, lending and selling much more trouble-free. American eBuilder is happy to provide home warranties to Texas, Louisiana, Tennessee, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Missouri, New Jersey, Georgia, Washington DC, North Dakota, North and South Carolina, and throughout the United States.

5 Key Reasons:

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1. Enhance Your Reputation

You've spent a lot of effort in building your reputation.  You can enhance your image with the American eBuilder Warranty.  Explain to your prospects that in order to offer the eWarranty on your homes, you've met rigorous standards for

  • Financial stability
  • Technical competence
  • Customer satisfaction

5. Written vs Implied

If you've been building for some time, you've almost certainly noticed homeowner attitudes have changed.  Expectations are different. Customers want a "perfect" new home.  If you give them the written American eBuilder Warranty, you've established the ground rules up front complete with accepted industry performance standards.

2. Risk and Exposure

You've built a great house.  You've found a buyer.  Papers are signed and the home is sold.  You want to move on but, what about callbacks?  Under implied warranty laws, you're going to be responsible for that home in the upcoming months and possibly years.  The risks accumulate with each successive home you build.  That's what makes the written American eBuilder Warranty such a great tool.  It helps

  • Limit your exposure
  • Provides better risk management

4. Disagreements between Homeowner and Builder

You find yourself in a situation where no matter what you do, you are not able to resolve a homeowner issue.  The situation escalates into a full scale disagreement.  The homeowner decides to get a lawyer and even though you're solid in your position, you're forced to spend money defending yourself.  With the American eBuilder Warranty, you and the homeowner agree to binding arbitration to resolve disputes.  It's

  • Much faster
  • More efficient
  • A whole lot cheaper

Arbitration is an option with FHA and VA financed new homes.

3. Added Value

Ask your prospective buyer how much they think a 10 year warranty costs and most will say, "thousands of dollars".  The actual cost is a fraction of the perceived value.  So you're able to include a component that

  • Adds value
  • Establishes expectations
  • Limits risk
  • Protects your assets
  • Enhances your reputation

Plus the American eBuilder Warranty is an excellent sales & marketing tool.  It’s a great win-win!

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In Pennsylvania and across the United States, American eBuilder is an approved 10 Year Warranty company for HUD financing such as FHA or VA loans. Our affordable, customizable program is streamlined and has minimal paperwork.

Plus, our home warranties keep your business interests safe and secure. Instead of worrying about what’s covered and what’s not, you can relax knowing each and every detail is addressed up front in writing. Settle disputes easily, efficiently and using fewer resources. Reduce exposure to risk while adding value.

Best of all, your American eBuilder new home builders warranty will maintain your reputation as a reliable industry professional. Contact us today and discover why an American eBuilder home warranty should be part of every home you sell.